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Clean Drinking Water. You Can't Live Without it.

Clean Water: We are used to having it. Clean drinking water is something we are used to having at home. Turn on the faucet and most people don't have to worry about what comes out. City water is certified and well water is checked for bacterial contamination. Most of us don't think twice about the water we are drinking.

What about Clean Water on our Vacations and Adventures. When we leave the household faucet behind, what can we do about having enough clean drinking water for the whole crew?

Option 1 - Bring some with you. Its bulky and hard to carry enough for more than one day.
Option 2 - Bottled water. This can get expensive and, again, it is bulky to haul around enough for all.
Option 3 - You can go into caveman mode and boil the water you find.
Option 4 - Fill your water tanks and hope for the best.

The Best Option - A UV Water Filter System for your Boat, Camper or RV. With a complete UV water filter system from Water Safe Pro you will never have to worry about clean drinking water again. The easy to install Rv water filter systems will provide clean 100% sterilized water for all of your needs. Whether you are drawing raw lake water for your houseboat, Dock water for your Sailboat or filling your Rv water tank from a uncertain source you can trust that it will be safe for you and your family.

Easy to install. Water Safe Pro UV Sterilization Systems come complete with filters and UV lamps installed. All you have to do is provide the water flow and the power. We offer 12v UV water purifiers, and 120v UV water purifiers to meet your needs. For water inlet and outlet all of our systems have 1/2 female pipe thread fittings that you can attach your pluming to. Our Water Safe Pro UV Filter Systems treat up to 3gpm producing fresh clean drinking water.

Affordable Water Filtration Systems for your RV or Boat. To have a never ending supply of fresh clean water is now very affordable. Our systems start at about $200 for our Model 200/212 UV Systems and go up to $228 for our Model 500/512 UV Systems.
If you are looking for 4GPM flow rate check out our WaterFixer Model 1000 on our other website.

Portable Systems Available If you are looking for a self contained portable uv filter system we have those also. Our Portable 200/212 UV system comes ready to connect to dock water or campground water with hose hookups and housed in a hard carrying case. If you are drawing off raw water from a stream or lake you will be interested in our Survivor Pro which comes complete with a pump, hoses, 12v leads, spares filters and lamp, and is housed in a hard case for easy transport.

Water Safe Pro UV System Applications:
- Rv Water Filter Systems
- Houseboat Water Filter Systems
- Lake Water Filtration
- Marine Water Filtration
- Cabin Water Purification Systems
- Overland Water Purification Systems.

Boat and Rv Water Purifiers