Water Filtration: Are you getting what you are being sold? An Illustration - If one car can go 200 mph, that doesn't mean all cars can go 200 mph - the components used dictate performance. The same rule applies to water purification systems.

What They are Trying to Sell You: The internet is loaded with companies selling water purification systems of every size, shape and configuration - each promising the "best" solution for everyone's needs. Many will claim things like full bacterial removal with only carbon filtration or full UV sterlization without pre-filtration. Even claims by Reverse Osmosis systems manufacturers that they are bacteria and pathogen free are doubtfull. They fail to tell you that the holding tank after the system is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

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The Water Safe Pro - SafH2o Story. In 1992 a mechanical engineer in southern California was looking for a solution to provide drinking water on his boat - as he planned to cruise from California to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Effective reverse osmosis systems, at that time, cost between $3,500 and $6,000, and produced extremely small amounts of water per day, and required unacceptable amounts of electric power. UV systems were also costly and were very rudimentary. Inspired by an unmet need, he set to work on building a system that would keep him and his family safe on that trip. In February of 1994, he arrived in Cabo San Lucas, fully hydrated and disease free, having utilized this new system to refill his water tanks at fishing villages along the way. By 1995 his new company was providing top-of-the-line UV systems, certified by the prestigious Truesdale Labs in Irvine, California, to the worlds largest boating and camping retailers. Now, over twenty five years later, the technology has continued to evolve - manufacturing methods have grown more sophisticated, part prices have lowered, and that same engineer has found a way to decrease costs while increasing effectiveness. Combining the lowered cost with the increased effectiveness, a system to meet the requirements of home use was born in Water Safe Pro's SafH2o Uv Water Filter Systems. The units produced by Water Safe Pro continue to exceed the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization, and they can be produced and sold for less than ANY comparable UV system on the market. Yes, our car can go 200 mph.

Certified in the United State of America
Certified to exceed World Health Organization standards by
John Pylant - Chief Engineer at the CSA Group, Inc.
80 Admire Road, Eldon, MO.
through MC Duffey Lab, Camdenton, MO.